Pegs Of Society
Dec 28
30"W x 30"H x 1.5"D acrylic paint, gesso, charcoal, pastel, pencil, varnish canvas ready to hang

Pegs Of Society

Wanting to paint something outside my wheel-house and comfort zone, I found myself being influenced by the thoughts swirling around in my head. 1) How people are more inclined to see the differences in each other rather than commonalities; and 2) thinking about what to get my 1 year-old granddaughter for Christmas! lol. I was looking at one of those toys where you place the shaped pegs into the correct hole. Obvously, those two thoughts influenced the outcome of this artwork. It's funny how our thoughts manifest in our art. But, I loved the result and it was wicked fun to paint. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

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