About Debbie Joplin

"My mission as an artist is to inspire others to follow their own dreams, no matter their age or present circumstances. My goal is to create art that touches people's hearts and excites their senses and trigger emotions. My hope is that my artwork will make a personal and beautiful statement in your home."

"I always wanted to be an artist as a young girl raised in Kansas, but because I wasn’t born with in innate ability to draw I thought it could never be. So, I went through life pursuing other things but never felt fulfilled, although I continued to my creativity through other avenues like sewing and quilting in my spare time. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business and working in the hospitality industry in Las Vegas for many years, I quit working when I had my son who was later diagnosed with Autism. Being a full time caretaker and advocate for my son became my mission."

"I moved to Utah in 2002. Around 2006, I took an online class in art journaling, originally with the notion of it being a form of therapy, and taking some much needed time for myself. I loved it! The part I loved the most though was playing with paint. I knew I had found my passion!! I began to change my perception of myself, to give myself permission to paint with abandon, not worrying about whether it would be accepted or valued by anyone else. So for the next several years, every chance I could, I pushed myself trying new techniques and mediums in an effort to find out who I was as an artist. I am still learning more everyday. I am grateful that other’s have found a connection to my artwork and for the opportunities I have had to sell my art, but regardless I would paint anyway, it is a part of who I am."

"If I could choose words to describe my emotions, I would have become a writer, but I communicate in color, so I paint. Without my art, I’d have no voice."

"My painting style is very intuitive. I may sometimes start with an idea of what I want the painting to look like, but it rarely turns out like I planned in the end as I let the painting speak to me as it evolves. I am constantly evaluating the painting for composition, movement, light and value. I think the hardest part of painting for me, and many artist, is that sometimes I know I must cover a part of the painting that I have fallen in love with, but for the overall composition of the painting, it is sometimes necessary to make those sacrifices. Thank you for taking the time to view my art."

Debbie's first public exhibition was in October 2016, when she entered the CONNECT Program at the Urban Arts Gallery in downtown Salt Lake City, where From Another Place was voted best artwork. She was a featured artist in the Annual Connect Gala (see image), which was an incredibly positive experience. Many of her works are currently on exhibit at the Urban Arts Gallery.